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What We've Been up to :

You guys!! It's been so long since I've sat down to share a personal blog post here. I've missed it! How're are you?! Any big news to share? Are your kiddos ready for Halloween?! :D

The last personal blog I put up, was on the subject of how we were coping with the Quarantine that had just hit back in the Spring; since then I've chosen to take more of a break from too many electronics and make the most out of the warm weather while it was here with my family. It's been a long year of course, but now that we're shifting to Holiday mode, I just want to take a few minutes to reflect and update you guys on a few highlights of our last 6 months.

Highlights of what's happened over the past 5 months:

1. I went back to school for Phlebotomy. This one was something that had been thought and prayed about months before I took the dive. I have a desire to have more of a purpose in helping others, along with seeing the smiling faces when my clients see their final galleries from me. It's not a PHD, but it's something more I can do to help my fellow humans. I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so! I should be starting my Externship before the end of 2020.

2. I started a new business. For Quarantine, I found a new hobby of creating clay earrings and fell in love. It's honestly a very calming craft and a lot of fun to do. I absolutely love coming up with new color palettes and creating themes for new collections. You can browse an idea of my most recent collection release here. They're so many different possibilities in clay, so you're never limited to one color or style. I've chosen to stick with an overall "boho" theme, but I'm always trying new techniques and colors. For Christmas, I would like to try to have some ornaments as well as other holiday goodies created for the upcoming release.

3. We're PREGNANT! Yes, we announced this back in August, and it's a baby boy! Both Hallie and this new baby were planned pregnancies and we couldn't be happier. Although pregnancy has been daunting in the realm of a nausea and the usual symptoms, I'm so ready to meet our new addition to the family. He should be here in early March! We have zero names picked out lol. We have some that we've discussed but nothing that we can narrow down or settle on quite yet. Who knew picking names for one baby could be SO easy, but the next be so complicated? Lol, we just can't agree!

4. Camping, Exploring, & Hiking. Need I say more? A very much needed handful of getaways in our camper and trips with my little family was worth every step. I'm so happy we were able to do these things in between all the crazy work schedules!

5. Everything in Between: from spreading the message, to pool days, bike rides, lazy days, new haircuts and lately - sledding!!

2020 may have been full of uncertain and scary moments, but we've found ways to make sure we stay together and whole as a family. It's not always easy despite a few cute pictures taken with an iPhone, but it's always absolutely worth every struggle, tear or toddler tantrum. My little family has given me so much joy and motivation this year. I'm grateful for everyone that's been apart of my life this year whether friend, family, or client. You've truthfully made my life so wonderful!

I'm praying for you all and can't wait to see what 2021 has in store!

Thank you for reading and checking in on us!

God Bless,


**Disclaimer: Auburn University logo not owned or created by Emily Lollar Photography, LLC

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