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Now Entering the Terrible Twos...

Hey guys!! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?!! I know it's been a month since I've been able to blog but I'm back & so ready to get these hands typing! Let's just jump right in:

So whether you're a parent or not, I'm sure you've heard of the phrase "the terrible twos", right? Well, we're now entering that phase with little miss Hallie May & what a whirlwind it has been trying to get used to a toddler who has so much emotion & energy to express lol! She's been sick these past few days so it's definitely been a huge leap into this phase for her.

Although she doesn't turn 2 until next month, she's definitely found her new toddler status! Now listen, I know as a parent, we all experience this phase, but it can still be exhausting. High five if you're there now lol! From an outsiders perspective, I'm sure a tantrum-throwing toddler, seems highly annoying & may scare you away from having kiddos of your own, but just's not their fault nor is it really that bad. New toddlers are learning how to express themselves & communicate their needs in an entirely new way than when they were newborns. They won't just tighten their fists & suck on your nose anymore to tell you that they're ready for food. Nope, in this new phase they squeal, scream, cry, fuss, & maybe even throw a punch when they're hungry. (lol)

From sick days, to laughter, changing their diapers, potty training, interacting with new people, & of course goodness help you if you're just trying to get out of the store without them having a meltdown because it's time to leave lol, but it's a phase they pretty much all go through. All you can do is just breathe & carry them out of that store the best you can without them throwing themselves down as if they were possessed lol.

For Hallie, we try to stick to Target Drive-Up orders or any grocery store pickup available. For shopping, I admittedly try to avoid going to look around when she is with me. I completely try to avoid any opportunity for her to throw herself on the floor or a complete tantrum in public lol. So far, she's only ever cried when we leave for a few minutes, but I'm sure she'll have an all-out meltdown in public at some point in her toddler years!

These past few days, she's been getting over an awful cold; Coughing, chest mucus, snotty, the whole works! Cherry on top, now I have it lol. *sniffle sniffle. Yesterday, the day before that, & so on into last Thursday evening, it's not been fun taking care of a sick & moody baby girl, but it's part of life for anyone I suppose. It breaks my heart for her to be sick & have a rattling cough. The worst part about the experience we've had this week, is her fussiness. Today, she's been feeling better but she's also been moody & hitting us lol!

It can be difficult to not get irritated when they're screaming & throwing themselves down for no apparent reason, but you have to understand that they aren't at an older age when they'd by then, understand why hitting is bad, that throwing themselves down can cause harm, & how to fend for themselves when they're thirsty, or tired, etc.. You can't expect someone who wasn't even walking a year ago & still somewhat teething, to magically act like a 10 year old whom you can ground or take away privileges. A 2 year old doesn't quite know how to communicate that they're experiencing a headache, their tummy hurts, & so on. So it comes out as squealing, screaming, wallowing all over you, & yes, hitting you because they're frustrated at the fact that you're not understanding what they're trying to say.

So if you're not a parent & you see one of these little "terrors" having a tantrum, please look at those parents with some Grace & understanding. It's not their fault their toddler is acting up, nor is it their toddlers fault. They're tiny little humans learning how to be human. It's not fair for anyone to treat kids or toddles like they're a nuisance! Two year olds aren't terrible, it's just a phase!

If you're a mama experiencing the exhaustion of a newly "terrible" two year old, please don't hesitate to reach out for a mom-chat. I welcome any mama to this platform & hope to hear your family's stories! A friend of mine told me their toddler was crying once because it wasn't raining IN the house, only on the outside lol. A guess there's a few comical moments that will come out of Hallie's newly found toddler phase as well lol!

God Bless,


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