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My Top Baby Products

Hey everyone! How're you surviving your quarantine? lol. We're doing okay, but definitely missing other humans and sunlight!! Lately, I've been working on ordering new jammies, books, & necessities for our little, whom JUST TURNED 2!! Can you believe it? I just wish my baby girl would stop growing up so quickly!

Now that she's older, I definitely have some high recommendations on baby products (via my friend's request). Without wasting anymore time, let's jump in!


1. NoseFrida Nas al Aspirator Snotsucker Baby Infant Clean Suction Mucus

+ Travel Case

I know it seems awfully gross to use this thing, but I PROMISE this is well worth it! This is probably my number 1 recommendation to any new parent. The baby nose bulbs don't do near as good as the nosefrida!!

2. Safety 1st Grow and Go™ 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Everest

This car seat is definitely a money saver if you're looking for one that will grow with your infant! Consider this brand as they have high ratings in crash tests. :) Color options available.

3. Playtex Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Pail, Plus Refill

You better invest in a diaper pale because mama, you'll wish you had! Make sure to have refills on hand, hard lesson I learned lol.

4. Motorola 5"" Portable Video Baby Monitor - MBP36XL, White

I couldn't find the correct model of the current baby monitor we use, however, this is very similar! Consider monitors that have high resolution for all your paranoid zooming in to check on your new bundle lol.

5. Boudreaux's Butt Paste Maximum Strength, 4.0 OZ

Trust me, this product is a miracle worker! We started out using Desitin, but later switched when we realized this stuff is like magic!! We still use it to this day.

6. Nuby Dr. Talbot's Diaper Paste Paddle

This one goes hand in hand with butt paste. Save yourself the hand wiping & just get one of these awesome paddles!

7. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard bottle 3 pack 8oz, Clear

Consider these best selling bottle by Dr. Brown. They have a natural flow system that prevents air from reaching babies belly causing gas & belly pains. Love these so much! Side note: they're different color options available.

8. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottle Brush, Blue

Whichever bottles you choose to buy, make sure to also get yourself a quality bottle brush. This one also has a hidden tool that goes into those small blue tubes you see in the bottles above. It makes cleaning much easier & you never have to worry if you're getting them clean enough!

9. Dr. Browns Pacifiers, Silicone, Same Shape As Bottle Nipple, 0M+, Pink, 2 Count

To avoid any nipple confusion, try sticking with these Dr. Brown pacifiers. The nipples are the same as the ones on the bottles, so it may be very soothing you choose to use them. Hallie still uses a binky at nap time, & these are the exact ones she's used since she was born!

10. Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic (100% Cotton 0.5 TOG) - Stardust Gray (small), Infant Unisex

You guys, we were very very paranoid parents & still are. Hallie has used a sleep sack every night to sleep since she was born; we only let her sleep in her swaddle during the day. She's asleep right now for her nap & yes, she's in a sleep sack. We're just not ready for the idea of her being under a blanket yet lol. She uses ones with zippers, but this one is still a wonderful option!

11.Spectra Baby USA S2 Plus Hospital Strength Electric Breast Pump- with Black Tote/ Pink Cooler

I used the Medela pump when I was in the hospital with Hallie, but I chose the Spectra because it has back-flow control, preventing any liquid from going back through the tubes. It's all about keeping it sanitary folks! Be sure to check with your insurance provider, most of them cover breast pumps! :)

12.Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine, White

You NEED a good sound machine! Invest in one that like this that has wonderful noise blockers for night time. Creating noise around the house during the day to get them used to it is great, but you'll wish you had a sound machine like this at night to keep them asleep lol. We still use Hallie's every day & every night!

13.My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow - Buttercup Bliss

I would recommend a good, comfortable breast feeding pillow. The Brest Friend pillows, have a small half moon shaped rise where the baby's head would lay, just to make sure he or she is at the right position. Love these!! They also have many color & pattern options as well.

14.Serta Bethpage 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Bianca

Get your baby a bed that grows with them! Hallie's will soon be turned into a toddler bed. I love that we chose the convertible option!

15.TL Care Heavenly Soft Chenille Reversible Front Crib Rail Cover

Now that you've gotten that crib, consider rail covers. Why? because teething babies will stand there & naw the paint off the wood lol. Hallie definitely did!!

16.Gray Relay Click ConnectTM Jogging Stroller & Car Seat

Okay mamas, whether you like to walk or run or just need a stroller, definitely consider this one. I will scream praise for this all day! It's a jogging stroller so it pushes SO easily. It's made to handle bump rides AANNDD the car seat that comes with it, clicks right into this stroller. So when you're grabbing baby out of the car, you can easily clip them into this stroller & get going. I absolutely love it. Now that Hallie is older, she uses the toddler seat that it comes with. Both seats turn in 2 different directions so you can face them, or allow them to see the world while on your little cruise.

17.Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier, Light Grey

This thing was a lifesaver when trying to get work done. You need it mamas!! What I remember most is dancing around the house with Hallie in this thing :D

18.Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup 10 oz, Assorted Colors 1 ea (Pack of 6)

Okay, these things are a huge lifesaver. Not only does it teach youngins' to use a normal cup, but they don't spill!! Hallie has several of these. Make sure to buy an assortment so you have many on hand.

19. Burt's Bees Baby Baby Girls' Organic Cotton Footed Sleepers -

Hallie wears footed pajamas religiously lol. She's wearing Burts Bees right now as she naps! We love this brand because they're snug on her (as they should be). We've never had holes in the knees with brand either. LOVE LOVE LOVE! They have so many colors options as well! :)

20. Wipalo Diaper Multi-Function 12"" Travel Back Pack for Mom & Dad Large Capacity Waterproof Baby Nappy Changing Bags with USB Charging Cable - Camel Brown

Last but not least, don't forget a great diaper bag that has it all mamas! You will not regret choosing one like this!! :D

Okay you guys, well that wraps up my highest recommended baby products. I hope you found this helpful with your littles :)

I hope you & your family are very well!!


Emily :)

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