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Mama, You're Allowed to...

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Hey moms! Ever feel like bawling, kicking the wall, ripping your hair out, or just wishing you had more than 5 hours of sleep daily? I hear ya girl. It's been such a roller coaster since becoming a mama myself back in 2018. It's been this crazy, beautiful, & incredible blessing in my life! But let's be honest, sometimes I could use a glass of wine.

Between all the holiday festivities, nap times, snack times, play times, tantrums, & laughter...mama just needs to rest. I have what I like to call "superman syndrome". As I've mentioned in a previous blog post, this makes me feel obligated or even want "to do it all". That's right! Baking french pastries, decorate in rustic boho theme, read to my baby girl & teach her new words, run a business that captures motherhood & our gorgeous bundles of joy, be a fox for my husband, an amateur runner, the list goes on...but it's not always possible nor is it actually realistic to get these things done (plus more), on a daily basis.

I'm constantly trying to remind myself to take a break & know that I can get that load of laundry done tomorrow, but then I feel unproductive for allowing myself to sit down long enough to finish an episode of my latest binge-worthy Netflix show. UGH!

Note to self & to ALL you mamas... you're allowed to:

Need a break (even if it's 2 minutes of scrolling through your phone or closing your eyes)

Be human & have human emotions. (It's okay to cry)

Need support

Have your own hobbies

Struggle with motherhood/being a wife

Talk to God or just think to him

Have goals unrelated to motherhood

Prioritize your own needs (go get a pedicure , girl!)

Have hard days

Drink a glass of wine (or two)

The above list will be my long mantra this week & hopefully I won't feel guilty when I sit down or take bath lol. Speaking of which, I might just go draw myself a bubble bath & turn on my diffuser mixed in with some pine, orange, & cinnamon..mmm, Christmas smells!

Remember mama, if you're wondering if you're doing absolutely everything you can to be a great mother, it means you already are. You are enough & so much more! Give yourself some love!! God loves you so much & will not let you fail; he has a plan for you. AND your little(s).

God Bless


**all iPhone and Professionally shot images on this website are taken & owned by Emily Lollar Photography unless otherwise stated.

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