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How We're CopingWith the Quarantine

Hey everyone! How're you getting along throughout these past 2 crazy weeks of quarantining?? We're doing good, but definitely ready for normal human interaction lol.

I'm still shooting with my clients but making sure to follow the rule of no touching them or anything in their homes, breathing on them or too close, as well & adhering to the same general rules for any outdoor shoots too! Keeping my distance & keeping it low key but still capturing dreamy images.

My husband's schedule has also been crazy too; if you're hub is military as well, or in any other profession of messy schedules, then you can relate lol. But we're doing our best to stay calm & just handle everything as it comes our way while making the most of the time we have together.

Despite the worldwide panic, babies & tots don't understand what's happening or why routines change, so I'm doing my best to keep my little entertained & finding ways to keep

her life as normal as I possibly can. We were able to go for a family walk at a local park here in town while making sure to keep our distance by choosing the hiking trails with no one else on them. It's still a bit chilly here in MT, so of course it didn't last more than 20 minutes. (lol) Other than that, we're staying in & not doing much other than chasing Hallie through the house, coloring, giggling, dancing, & all the family fun we can manage while indoors! We also opted for a bubble machine to our back patio for added fun! Video Below:

For me, I'm still working out, editing my sessions, reading, getting housework done, & everything in between. For my mental health, staying as busy as I can to be productive is what helps me most. If I'm not doing some productive or planning, I tend to get anxious. I also diffuse my oils & listen to music as often as I can, especially during editing or blogging hours! If you need someone to chat with, don't hesitate to contact me asap! :D I know staying indoors & not being able to socialize in person, can be a daunting change for any human.

With that being said, I'm so stinkin' ready to get out in the warmer weather & feel the sun on my skin. Hallie's at the age where she can play outside in sprinklers, take longer hikes, etc.. Last summer, she had just turned 1 & was new to walking. I plan to take full advantage this year & make sure to spend a lot of time outdoors for the whole family's sake! My husband & I love being out, so this summer will be awesome now that she's old enough to do more :) Also, have you seen how adorably creative they're getting with toddler & kids' playhouses? OMG! I can't wait to get one for her!! SO cute! :D

I know it's a short post today, but I just wanted to give a quick update on our life during this time. I hope your fam bam is doing great & staying healthy! I'm also offering Mother's Day Minis this year, so if you're interested in beating the heard, you can reserve your date with me whenever you're ready :)

God Bless,


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