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Preparing For Your Newborn Session

Updated: Sep 25

Newborn Photography EmilyLollarPhotography

**All images seen on this website or platform are taken and owned by Emily Lollar Photography, LLC

Preparing and capturing the moments in a newborn is session does slightly differ from our family sessions, but don't let that worry you! Fear not, I've got a simple plan for you below, laid out and ready to go. My goal is to make your session as smooth as possible. I'm here to guide you every step of the way! If the plan ventures off track a little, no worries, we'll make sure your little love is captured beautifully! Your newborn is such a wonder gift from God, so I want you to adore and admire over your precious bundle during his or her session, worry free! This is all a basic guide and suggestions. If your session doesn't go as planned due to that unexpected dirty diaper in the middle of shooting, DON'T worry. The most important thing is that we make baby as ready and comfortable as we can the day or morning of his or her session.



Newborn Photography EmilyLollarPhotography

To start, let's make sure to give baby a good, long feeding either as I'm arriving for setup, or only a minutes before my arrival. We want baby to be as calm and sleepy as possible so they'll fall asleep and stay in a nice long slumber during their session as we move him or her around quite a bit from mom, dad, siblings, or laid positions. Please do not allow baby begin to fall asleep until setup begins or if you think baby will sleep for awhile, it's okay if they fall asleep minutes before my arrival. More times than not, cluster feeding during a session is necessary during unexpected waking, that's perfectly fine! Don't forget to make make sure that your little love is kept extra warm the entire time as we get those adorable semi-nakey photos. Newborns cooperate and sleep much better if they're nice and toasty. Don't panic if they won't sleep; I've had more than a few sessions where a newborn is wide-eyed & ready for the closeup! The photos turn out adorable!

Newborn Photography EmilyLollarPhotography

It's always a great idea to have diapers, wipes, burp rags, and a fresh change of clothes nearby in case of any accidents baby may have or outfit changes in general. I also recommend having your own outfit changes set nearby ready to go as well. This will ensure that every minute we have during your session, is used wise and well! I would recommend having baby's bottle or mama ready to go for feeding since often times, cluster feeding is necessary during sessions to calm them down in case of unexpected waking. I also recommend (if they use one), to have their binky or soothie pacifier (one that does not leave marks on baby's skin) close by as well; sometimes when transitioning, swaddling, or doing an outfit change, they need a little extra soothing. Again, ensuring baby is fed as much as he or she wants, is the key! We want them to be as sleepy as possible to capture the desired images. I can bring an extra sound machine with me to your session, but if you'd like to use baby's, that will mostly likely be the best option since that sound is the most familiar to him or her.


Newborn Photography EmilyLollarPhotography

Heads up! I will be dressed as casual as possible (usually workout clothing since they're super flexible!). If you do not planned to be photographed, don't worry about dressing up! As I imagine your home will be very warm for our newborn, I'd hate for you to wear anything that would make you the parent, the slightest bit uncomfortable. It's important for mom and dad to be just as comfy as baby! If you've already booked your session with me, than you will have received my own styling guide as well a your private code to a site that will help you layout the perfect outfit choices! Also, please see the Stying page on this website for added info. HIGHLY recommend neutral or pastel colored clothing or very light versions of color to make sure you get that Light and Airy, dreamy aesthetic you see in my work. Do avoid words, graphics, logos, dark colors or bold patterns.

Mamas, I recommend having your nails clean or to the desired look. It's something we can easily forget about before a session but you'd be surprised how many images will show your hands up close to your new baby. Also, if you're dealing with dry or chapped lips, a quick swipe of chapstick or your favorite gloss can liven them up quite a bit and make a world of difference for your close-ups with your bundle!


If you choose to have any siblings involved in your newborn session, I recommend the same colors for them as mom and dad (lighter neutrals). Allow sister's hair to be natural or lightly done up (waves, light curls, or small bow) to ensure the images aren't too busy looking with bold colors or hairstyles. Same goes for brothers, maybe some khakis and a light top. Allow them to have snacks or quiet toys nearby so they're kept occupied in between their shots as well.


Now that you have a layout on how to prepare your newborn or family for your session, don't forget to allow yourself and your family to get super excited! After all, you're now only bringing new life into this world, you're starting a whole new chapter in your family's journey! I'm SO happy to have you and can't wait to see your brand new miracle!

**All images seen on this website or platform are taken and owned by Emily Lollar Photography, LLC

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