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Behind the Scenes of my Indoor Christmas Minis

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Hey hey hey! How's everyone doing? Seriously though, how're you doing? Staying sane after all your seasonal festivities?

I just wanted to share with you a little before, during, & after of these minis. First, I ordered my (giant) 72 inch wreath & all the decorating supplies. ex: glue sticks, pine branches, holly, felt, faux spray snow, boxes, burlap, command hooks, & some candy canes. Later, I realized the wreath was SO darn big, I purchased another smaller one to ensure the proper proportions for the babies or small toddlers. So I ended up with both a 72" & a 42" wreath.

I started with the headband; hot glueing two long pine branch pieces together, adding felt on the inside to make it soft & wearable. I slowly hot glued all the pieces onto the wreaths, as well as the burlap to the boxes. I then added those cute little pine pieces to the boxes & headband to match the wreaths perfectly. After all the hot glue had dried, I finished by spraying on the faux snow to all the props.

Here's a few Iphone photos of the props as the faux snow was drying:


A few days later, I held a couple modeled shoots & released the official advertisement photo:

Here's a closer look at the modeled setup + list of products used:


2 wreaths, 42" + 72" (Amazon + Michaels)

2 prop gifts (Amazon)

1 faux decorative tree (Target)

Candy Canes (Local Grocery Store)

Decorative pieces (Amazon)

Hot glue sticks (Amazon)

Burlap (Amazon)

White Felt (Amazon)

Faux Snow (Amazon)

Faux Floor (Home Depot)

White Trim (Home Depot)


To view the alternate setup, check out this featured gallery of baby Ziva's shoot. For her, I added in a chair & used the 72'' wreath for some variety.

All of the indoor minis were so fun & I'm so happy I took the time to make everything!! I love this season & all the creative possibilities there are. Thanks so much to everyone who came over to enjoy some hot cocoa & for allowing me to shoot some stunning photos of some of the cutes kiddos around!

God Bless

- Emily

**all iPhone and Professional images on this website are taken & owned by Emily Lollar Photography unless otherwise stated.

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