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Abundance is Messy ✞

Hey there Mama!

How are you doing this week? Can you believe another Christmas is about to come & go just like that? Where is all our time with our kiddos going?! **trying not to cry.

With all this shopping & holiday prep madness, comes stress & long nights. It's sometimes hard to focus exactly on the sole reason for the season with all our to do lists getting longer. On top of that list, we today, we found out that my husband will be away working on the week of Christmas for 5 days. Yep, it'll just be me & our baby girl alone. Of course next week we'll see some close friends, but it won't be the same without Zack here with us. So, as much as I want to be sad that he won't be here, we plan to let our chaos & messy house go all weekend & share all the laughter & silliness we can!

As I said, I really wanted to be upset about the situation, but It really doesn't change much other than the day we celebrate Christmas. I could sit around & be depressed on December 25th, or I can embrace the reason for that day, taking the time to be thankful that we have one another & can at least celebrate by only a few days off. We are abundantly blessed so I will not despair! Our baby girl is not old enough to understand Christmas or dates. She is however, old enough to laugh, play, & hug me in between all these life obstacles that get thrown at us. She's worth everything we've ever been through as a family. My husband is worth everything we've been through as a couple. Again, we are abundantly blessed.

Mamas, stop & consider how you're blessed. Make a list of all the things you have that really matter. I know, having kiddos means a messy & sometimes chaotic house. Dishes piling, spilt juice, that stain on your brand new shirt, snotty noses, ..the list goes on. But this is what it means to be abundantly blessed. Proverbs 14:4 says “Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of oxen.” Oxen eat a lot, they're expensive, not to mention probably very time consuming to care for. Without the oxen, you have a clean manger, but no oxen. Pros + Cons you guys! Con: buying the necessities to care of the oxen. Pro: the cost of the work & necessities are worth it.

Our abundance (blessings) is messy, chaotic, & unfair at times, but it's also rewarding in so many ways. Dealing with hard days & a curveball such as him having to work the week of Christmas, is all worth it. My husband, our baby..our life as a whole is darn worth the mess!

I hope you find the beauty in your chaos this season, Merry Christmas you guys!!


cover photo: Jessica Billings Photography

editor of photo: Emily Lollar Photography

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