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My Workflow

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

1. SHOOTING DAY. Okay, so I'm usually mentally prepping myself all day because sometimes we photographers tend to get butterflies before your shoot no matter how long we've been in this career. (Yes, I still get nervous & excited before all my shoots). I run through my calendar a billion times that morning just to check to make sure I know the correct time & location. Safe to say I have work OCD lol. We'll meet, shake hands, make small talk, take a few ice breaker photos, then comes the best part. The part where we really get to see your kiddos interact with the camera & one another during your family or baby's shoot. Unless we're shooting fast due to cold weather (lol), We'll play games & get to know your family better to help everyone get comfy during the session. Time goes by & we've nailed your shoot! YES! High five! ...Now what?

2. After we've accomplished your super awesome-possum (a phrase we use with our 18 month old lol) shoot together, I'll scurry on home & start downloading images from my SD to my iMac, then into Lightroom we go. I cull them or pick the best of the best, then start my editing marathon. (Ha! Ya get it? If you know me or have at least read the About Me section on this site, you'll know I'm an amateur runner lol)...also super slow. ***Insert laughing

cry here.

3. EDIT. EDIT. EDIT. I edit everything in Lightroom & then categorize my shoots in their proper folders or collections. Having removed old ones to make room for the new ones. If I tell you I'm in the editing process of your session, you can count on me chugging coffee with cinnamon in it, water...okay mainly coffee, & dancing to a range of playlists which now can include Christmas music & Michael Buble'.

4. TIme to export. Not too entertaining, just moving the finished edits into a smart collection in Lightroom to include the ones with adjustments if I've not already culled the remainder out. Then highlighting all, clicking export, then the computer does its' thing...putting all your gems (images) into your very own treasure chest (folder) & also burying that treasure chest in sand (my external hard drive so I'll have backups for awhile!).

5. Hey, hey! It's time to upload to your private online gallery on Pictime. I use this platform for a number of reasons - two of the most important being it allows you to download your images via desktop, laptop, ipad,& yes, your phone!! The other reason being It's high quality & showcases your images in gorgeous & tasteful gallery which also fits my business's style. You receive this gallery with a link in your email, then you can go wild with downloading, printing, etc.! Whoo!

6. Now that your session is finished & delivered, I'll likely start the process of sneak peeks for the next. Downloading, dancing, editing, you know the drill!

I openly admit that my blogging workflow is completely different lol. Blogging definitely takes a backseat in my daily workflow, but I love to write & keep you guys updated whether it be family, personal, or photography related. If you're curious about more, don't hesitate to ask anything! I'm always up for sharing my process & letting you know how your session & there after, will go. Both my personal & business social media are available to you guys as well.



God Bless


**all iPhone and Professionally shot images on this website are taken & owned by Emily Lollar Photography unless otherwise stated.

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