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Best Baby Bassinets of 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Happy November you guys! How was everyone's Halloween festivities? We dressed up with friends of ours who have a little of their own. We decided to go all out this year, meaning all of us in the group dressed up and even created a sweet light up carriage to match our fairytale theme lol! Okay, a friend of mine did most the work on the carriage lol. It was so stinking cute! Their family went as Prince Charming (dad), Cinderella (little girl), and the Fairy Godmother (mom). For us, Zack was Prince Florian, I was the Evil Queen, & Hallie was Snow White. They were so stinkin' cute rolling around in their princess carriage! Here's a couple blurry Iphone photos of all of us lol.

Alright, so let's review one of the bigger purchases when it comes time to set up our baby registries. When it was time for us to choose a bassinet, (2018) we decided to opt for the Dream & Glow Bedside Bassinet Deluxe- Blakely. We loved this when Hallie was still sleeping in it! It had the height adjustments for weight and age as well as a light and sound machine. I loved the visor that you could raise or lower because in the morning, the lighting was stronger on one side of the room than the other, so me being naturally paranoid as a first time mother, I didn't want the sun to be in her face. This thing even has wheels so you could roll it around the room as needed! At the time, Toys R Us was still in business so that's where we had our registry for her.

Must-haves for baby bassinets:

  • Firm, flat mattress

  • Tight-fitting sheet

  • Waterproof mattress cover under sheet

  • Four-sided or closed sides sleeping area that's made of mesh or another material that isn't overly thick or padded for airflow

  • Locking mechanism if the bassinet can rock, rise, lower, or wheel around

Features for convenience:

  • Storage pockets

  • Adjustable height

  • Folding mechanism for storage

  • Wheels to move around easily

  • Sound machine, light, or vibration feature

Best Rocking Bassinet

This bassinet allows newborns and babies to the weight of up to 17lbs to sleep on a floating cloud. The legs are beechwood, sides are 100% polyester, and the mattress cover is 100% cotton (all machine washable). This bassinet includes the fitted mattress.

Best Baby Bassinet (Everyone's Current Favorite)

Okay, so not only does this thing have alot the features you want, it also rotates 360 degrees! Mesh siding, adjustable height, and pockets. It's clear to see why this bassinet won the WHAT TO EXPECT AWARD for 2019. However, it's still lacking a light and wheels for further convenience.

Best Travel Bassinet

This one is a definite winner in the portability realm. It comes with a memory foam mattress, those important mesh side panels, snap on metal legs, machine washable fabrics, and of course easy folding capabilities with a travel bag.

Best Side by Side Bassinet

This one is small and foldable; perfect for when you're getting work done or sitting and folding laundry in your living room while keeping baby by your side. A friend of mine actually has this one and she loved it when her (now toddler) was still a baby!

So mamas, as you can see they're so many options out there and so many come with variations of what you see above. See something you like above? Remember, when it says "Essentia Series", or something like that next to the name, it almost always means that they more colors available as well as different features.

The bassinet we chose, came in another color but we decided to go with a unisex option just in case we have a boy in the future. We were SUCH (and still are), over- protective, paranoid, and ridiculous first time parents lol. Our choices in products for Hallie were no less than what you'd expect from paranoid parents! I mean, my husband woke up like 20 times every night to turn on the bassinet light to make sure she was still breathing.

It's okay to be paranoid, it just means you're going to be such a great parent whom cares for the safety and the upmost comfortability for your new little! We even folded and stuffed a fluffy blanket under her waterproof mattress liner in her bassinet to make sure she was comfy lol.

Wishing you happy hunting when choosing your new little's baby bassinet! Don't forget to share with me what your kiddos dressed up as and how your family celebrated Halloween!

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